Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Center: Looking Out for Your Cargo

CargoSmart has established the Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Center to monitor and analyze live vessel data, route patterns, and shipment plans. The center spots exceptions as they are happening so that the industry can be informed earlier. More than exception alerts triggered by events that happened in the past, VisibilitySmart is powered by innovative technology and supported by a dedicated, highly specialized team to provide you with extensive shipment coverage and high quality data.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Monitors your cargo through 7,000 vessels and over 800 global container ports
  • Analyzes current and historical data from the Automated Identification System (vessel data), carriers, shipment data, and marine terminals
  • Determines the latest status and unusual activity based on multiple data sources

Innovative Technology

  • World-class, large-scale infrastructure hosts data in a state-of-the-art facility
  • Vessel-Segment Tracker compares historical vessel patterns with the latest vessel status for daily monitoring
  • GeoLocation tool locates vessels within a specific area through AIS data

High Quality Data

  • Provides high quality data by observing and reconciling multiple data sources
  • Contacts carriers to verify exceptions
  • Maintains data latency of less than one hour