VisibilitySmart: Earlier Notice. Delay Reasons. Scorecard Analysis.

Until now, conventional cargo tracking systems have not been able to warn you what is happening, only what has happened in the past, usually too late to be useful. CargoSmart offers a revolutionary solution, VisibilitySmart, to help you manage exceptions and improve your shipment planning.

Earlier Notice of Exceptions

The solution lets you be informed of shipment exceptions earlier. You will receive a daily summary of your cargo delays, the delay reasons, and the respective recovery plans so that you can follow up with your shipment parties for better shipment planning.

Three Alerts to Improve Planning

CargoSmart monitors three major types of exceptions that can delay your shipment.

  • Skipped Port: If a vessel skips a port, the vessel may be on time. However, the cargo that was supposed to be unloaded may be delayed unless your carrier has a plan in place to route it back to its destination on time.
  • Missed Transshipment: If your cargo misses its connecting vessel, the cargo may be delayed unless your carrier has a plan in place to ship it on another vessel or mode of transportation to its destination on time.
  • Late Arrival: Find out in advance if your cargo may be delayed rather than after the fact so that you can prepare.

Discover Reasons for Delays

The solution lets you monitor the delay reasons. We assign one of 10 reason codes to each delay that allows you to analyze delays by carriers and reasons. The 10 scenarios include delays due to weather, labor, port rotation change, previous port delayed, and lack of vessel space.

Scorecard Analysis for Evaluation

You will receive a monthly scorecard by carrier and delay reason to identify areas to improve. You can gain insight to work with your carriers to improve service and deliver cargo on time. The analysis also helps you to measure carriers’ performance to support future contract negotiations.

To learn more, download a data sheet or schedule a free demo today.