VisibilitySmart: Shipment Success Through Collaborative Visibility

Even though ocean carriers are steadily improving their on time performance, a small percentage of shipments are inevitably delayed. What happens when your shipments are among those that are delayed each day? Suddenly the possibility of missed sale dates, factory shutdowns, or unhappy customers become real. Most visibility systems offer shipment status updates after the delay has occurred and this is often too late to implement contingency plans.

CargoSmart is introducing a whole new visibility. VisibilitySmart is powered by in-house developed technology that monitors and analyzes vessel, route, and cargo data, and a Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Center that is looking out for your shipment delays. VisibilitySmart's innovative features monitor vessel and cargo activities around skipped ports, missed transshipments, and late arrivals to anticipate cargo delays so you can find out earlier and start responding. CargoSmart's revolutionary solution enables you to work more closely with your carriers to improve service.

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