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CargoSmart Presents on Big Data Webinar

On September 24, CargoSmart’s Graham Collins, director of sales and services, spoke on an American Shipper webinar, “Turning Big Data into Useful Visibility.” Mr. Collins discussed transportation big data available today, how it changes supply chain visibility, and ways to leverage big data to improve seven transportation-related supply chain metrics.

In an interactive poll during the webinar, 59% of audience participants indicated that they are overwhelmed by transportation management data. At the same time, 50% of the audience wanted to improve all of these three key areas: sourcing, delivery, and payment supply chain metrics.

Are you overwhelmed by transportation data and interested in improving your transportation-related metrics? Would you like to learn how you can connect the dots of big data to anticipate what comes next and improve your business decision-making? If so, we invite you to: